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Our Community.
Our Culture.
Our Mission.


1. To further establish our community outreach and influence with our foundation for under-privileged youth. As it exists and operates today under a narrow scope, our ancillary Northstar Basketball Academy provides relief of poverty to at-risk youth with mentorship opportunities through the context of the physical and social activity learned in sports to become successful and productive individuals in their communities by building their selfesteem and instilling leadership qualities. The lessons learned by the members of the foundation about values and work ethic will be taken back into the community where these youth can become role models for those around them.


2. To provide advancement in education to the members of the foundation through academic tutoring and mentoring opportunities in a positive and nurturing environment, for which our ultimate goal is to provide the members of the foundation with the tools and social connections necessary to gain the exposure and recognition they may require to aid in securing scholarship opportunities from post-secondary institutions, and continue to develop as student-athletes. Sports are universally regarded as a means of forging connections and exhibiting a competitive spirit; this is the vehicle we have chosen as a means of helping the members of the foundation develop social and professional relationships.


3. To build the profiles of the members of the foundation in order to get them recognized for opportunities to attend post-secondary institutions, and to eventually directly provide scholarships (or scholarship assistance) to those same student-athletes who develop through their relationship with the foundation. Too often we find that there are bright and talented youth who simply cannot afford to participate in the activities that would allow them to demonstrate their aptitude on a public platform that will lead to a greater opportunity for the advancement of both their own profile, and that of the community from which they come.

Summary: The foundation intends to use its resources to relieve financial hardship and provide quality mentorship opportunities for at-risk youth with the purpose of the advancement of education. We do this by providing these youths with a platform, derived from a universally recognized social and developmental activity, afforded through athletic participation.

Federally Registered 

Non-Profit Organization (943001-6)

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