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Program Vision

​Northstar Sports Foundation, a Non-Profit Organization, oversees the operations of several different youth sports programs, including the Northstar Basketball Academy and Northstar Preparatory Institute. The identity of Northstar revolves around the development of of our youth through sports. Each of the programs caters to a different demographic.


The Basketball Academy provides excellent training from top coaches regardless of the experience, skill or confidence of the athlete. This program is meant specifically for anyone who has an interest in consistent training and development that they can bring back to their school, community or club basketball teams. Through the Academy, multiple additional initiatives are offered to the community in group settings, camps and social events.


The Preparatory Institute is for the elite players who are considering continuing their careers at the college or university level. This program is the first of its kind in Manitoba, and is a partner with the National Preparatory Association. This program provides development and exposure in a way that very few around the country, and no other in Manitoba can. Our student-athletes thrive in our focused and supportive culture, guiding them as they achieve their ultimate goals in athletics, academics and life.


Program Mission

Northstar's primary mandate is to raise the profile of basketball specifically in Manitoba, and the talent that this province produces. There is a proud, vibrant and diverse basketball community in Manitoba, and we strive to make this program a reflection of that community. We also strive to help shape the next generation of leaders on and off the court and change the way our youth grow into adulthood.


We provide the support and tools to ensure our student athletes develop academically, emotionally and athletically. Our staff and student-athletes represent Northstar in a mature responsible manner, realizing the impact that they have and the role models they have become. Northstar staff and student-athletes have become recognized nationally for their dedication to being the best they can be on and off the court.

Program Values



Our program teaches that there should be a distinct purpose to every action we take, and every decision we make. Without a defined purpose, it's difficult to connect actions to results. Through measures of accountability and reinforcing positive actions, our athletes will connect with each other towards a common purpose.


With an established purpose, our process takes shape in how we train, how we practice, how we communicate with each other, and how we prepare. Physical and mental toughness will be hallmarks of our program.


Our mutual connection through the love of the game gives us our passion. Passion is what drives us through the physical and mental barriers when we feel like we have nothing left to give. Passion is what fuels winners.

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