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What is the Circuit Program?
The Northstar Circuit Program (NCP) is a functional evolution of our Northstar High-Performance Programming. Northstar is a groundbreaking initiative out of Manitoba that competes in showcases, tournaments and circuits around North America, and is a founding member of The Platinum Circuit ( Likewise, the NCP competes with high school, prep, college and university programs around Canada.
Designed specifically to benefit High School players who have been presented with obstacles that require them to remain at their current high school or in their current city, NCP offers a hybrid prep experience specifically tailored towards athletes looking for a new challenge. This program is ideal for the following athletes:
  • Manitoban prospects outside of Winnipeg unable to leave home, but require competition against stronger opponents as well as more exposure to post secondary coaches.
  • Prospects who are enrolled in school-of-choice programming (International Baccalaureate, Technical Vocational or Language-based) that prevents enrollment with NPI.
  • Junior Varsity prospects seeking a higher level of play without the additional financial commitment of playing multiple years of Prep basketball.
The NCP roster is an extension of the NPI roster which allows competitive play and experience in non-NCAA sanctioned competition. The full NCP roster is built by combining the resources of concurrent programs across Canada. All NCP athletes receive access to the physical training, skill development, recruiting consultations and network that are available to the Northstar Prep athletes.
This program is the ultimate stepping stone for athletes looking to go from their existing structure and programming to the next level; there is no comparison to what Northstar can provide our athletes, and we will continue to innovate and develop our programming to offer the best opportunities available to athletes in Manitoba and beyond.
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